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Oranges (Nagpur)
Oranges (Nagpur) Oranges (Nagpur)
Bringing to you the world-famous oranges from a half-century old orchard of a renowned and awarded farmer of Amravati-Nagpur Region. Same Oranges have been well appreciated by our customers like you for the last 2 years Fun facts about oranges Linus Carl Pauling, only individual to have won Nobel prize twice and unshared, advocated Vitamin C for common cold and flu related ailments. What’s more, nature certifies this theory producing oranges twice a year when the season changes. And what if we told you oranges are a good source of pectin, anti-inflammatory immunity boosters like hesperetin, naringin, naringenin and other antioxidants along with Vitamins A and B-complex!!

Oranges (Nagpur)


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